Monday, 7 February 2011

i have a new hobby!

   It's exams week for dear Danny. and I think I've found a new hobby  which is watching him having hard time trying to memorise things for his exams. he looks so cute that time. he is studying engineering but somehow he has to take a few subjects which I think and he thinks so too are unrelated to his course. it's just not his choice but seems like he has to deal with it. poor him, huh? pity my sis as well as they both are studying at the same place taking the same course. Nevertheless, I'm very very entertained seeing Danny during the process of memorising. he looks like a doll! CUTE! I'll totally wanna company him studying always :)

the pic is quite blurry but either way, he still looks very cute trying very hard!


  1. this is not cute la baby...haih...(@,@)...

  2. if this is not cute, then what is??